Apr 28 Kathryn Mindy 5th Week of Easter
May 5 Lee Mindy 6th Week of Easter  Anna Davis

Joan Meehan

May 12 Imogene & Michael Mindy Ascension—Bob Murray Memorial  Pat MacMillan

Kevin Connelly

May 19 Bridget Mary Mindy Pentecost  Cheryl Briandi

Elena Garcia

May 26 Janet & Sally Linda Feast of the Holy Trinity  Ann Cooke

Mary Al Gagnon

Jun 2 Elena Mindy Feast of the Body & Blood of Christ
Jun 9 Bridget Mary Mindy 10th Week Extraordinary Time
Jun 16 Lee Mindy 11th Week Extraordinary Time
Jun 23 Sally & Janet Mindy Birth of John the Baptist
Jun 30 Kathryn Mindy 13th Week Extraordinary Time
Jul 7 Elena Mindy 14th Week Extraordinary Time
Jul 14 Lee Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Jul 21 Kathryn Janet St Bridget
Jul 28 Sally & Janet Mindy 17th Week Extraordinary Time