Community Participation

“We are living the Discipleship of Equals.  Our worship together and our decisions come from all of the community.”  Katy

We open the Liturgy of the Word with a prayerful reflection on God’s extravagant love, asking for healing and forgiveness of one another.

Following a homily “starter”, everyone is encouraged to share his/her reflections on the topic.  Then all are invited to gather around the Banquet Table to recite the Eucharistic Prayer.  We serve each other the consecrated bread and alcohol-free wine.  Our liturgy then concludes with a communal blessing.



Inclusive Language  

Mary Mother of Jesus aims to use inclusive language in our liturgy so that all are welcomed and included.

Each person is the beloved of God so in our language we use words and metaphors that embrace a fuller and richer understanding of the Holy One in our midst.

In our Catholic worship and hymns we have referred to God as exclusively male, but God is not a male being:  God is pure spirit, beyond all names and images.  Believing that God has no gender, we avoid exclusive use of male names such as “father” and “son”.  We try to enrich our worship with other names such as Abba, the name Jesus used or the feminine image, Shekinah (God’s “dwelling” among us) and Sophia (Wisdom), the feminine aspect of God in the Bible.

We avoid the use of terms that express domination by one person over others, such as king, master or lord.








Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP