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Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

There were no priests, bishops or cardinals in the first centuries of Christianity.  Jesus does not call any of his followers priests.  Peter, Paul, Mary and Junia were considered by Jesus to be apostles.  Women continued performing priestly functions as leaders of house churches during the first twelve hundred years of the Church’s history.  With the growth of the male hierarchy in the Church, the role of womenpriests or apostles has been extinguished.

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is an initiative within the Church that began with the ordination of seven women on the Danube River in 2002.  According to Roman Catholic teaching, any bishop in good standing with the pope has apostolic succession and has the authority to ordain.  The presiding male Roman Catholic bishop who ordained our first women bishops, Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, Gisela Forster and Patricia Fresen has apostolic succession.  Our female bishops are therefore in apostolic succession and they now ordain deacons, priests and bishops.  This prophetic male Roman Catholic bishop stated that he ordained women bishops to foster justice for women in the church.

Catholic Women LogoThe goal of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests movement is to bring about the full equality of women in the Roman Catholic Church.  We use equal rites to achieve equal rights so that justice will become a reality for women in our church.


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