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bg_qusqMary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community

“The authenticity of the people drew me to return the next week.  The satisfying truth heard in liturgy and homily has held me.  Love will keep me. ”  Janet

Who are We?  We are a Christ-centered community of equals, consisting of women and men, ordained and non-ordained, powered by the Spirit whose mission is to worship, to serve, to promote compassion, justice and care for creation.



 Our Sacred Tradition is  that the principle celebrant of the Eucharist is the community.

“I find that this community challenges my understanding of my faith.  The sharing fills my soul with hope and love.” 

Mary Al

Gary Wills, in his book, What Jesus Meant, writes “Nowhere is it indicated there was an official presider at the Christian meal (agape), much less that consecrating the bread and wine was a task delegated to persons of a certain rank.  It is a mark of the gospels’ fidelity to the followers’ original status that not one of them mentions a Christian priest or priesthood.  When the term priesthood finally occurs, in the pseudo-Petrine letters, it refers to the whole Christian community (1 Peter 2:5,9) and the “Peter” of this letter refers to himself not as a priest but as a ” ‘fellow elder’ to the other elders . . . ” (p. 69-70).  Scholars such as Gary Macy in The Hidden History of Women’s Ordination conclude that women performed priestly functions as leaders of house churches in the early church.  He determines that women were ordained during the first twelve hundred years of the church’s history.