Presider Music Feast Cantor
Oct 14 Lee Linda St John XXIII & Vatican Council II  
Oct 21 Bridget Mary Linda Elena Garcia’s Ordination  
Oct 28 Lee & Kathryn Mindy All Saints/Memory of Faithful Departed  
Nov 4 Bridget Mary Mindy 31st Week of Extraordinary Time  
Nov 11 Kathryn 32nd Week of Extraordinary Time  
Nov 18 Lee Linda 33rd Week of Extraordinary Time  
Nov 25 Sally Mindy Feast of the Cosmic Christ  
Dec 2 Elena Mindy First Week of Advent  
Dec 9 Kathryn Mindy Our Lady of Guadalupe  
Dec 16 Lee Mindy John of the Cross  
Dec 23 Katy Mindy 4th Week of Advent  
Dec 25 Bridget Mary & Team Mindy Christmas  
Dec 30 Sally Holy Family/Solemnity of Mary  
Jan 6 Elena Mindy Epiphany  
Jan 13 Lee Linda Martin Luther King Memorial  
Jan 20 Bridget Mary Mindy 3rd Week Extraordinary Time  
Jan 27 Kathryn Mindy 4th Week Extraordinary Time